Wednesday 7.11.12

A must read!


Beach WOD!! Come join our awesome Saturday crew this Saturday at 9 am for our first beach WOD since opening in the new facility. We will be at Bolongo (next to Iggy’s Restaurant) getting our partner WOD on. Bring or wear your suit and cool off in the ocean when you’re done. Feel free to bring a friend along for the fun and show them what we do. Look forward to seeing you there!!


  1. BS: 150#; FP: 75#; PU: 10 thin red band
    Congrats to Randy and Mike, hope you enjoy your honeymoon here.

    • Great to see scores posted on blog again! Thanks Lynnsy for kicking this off. Now we just need to spread the word and get everyone to wod chat.

  2. I second that emotion…

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