Wednesday 4.18.12

Jared coaching Brynn on Deadlifts

1. 5×5 Backsquat

2. “JT”
Handstand pushups
Ring dips

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  1. Not feeling it today. 5 x 3 BS at 275#.
    “JT” – 11:24 Rx. Well short of PR. Nice work to Vandy and Lynnsy this AM!

  2. The WODs are always a new challenge!! I love it!! My time: 15:07, band asst HSPUs, medium purple band dips, knee pu’s. Jenn thanks for encouraging me to try the band asst HSPUs.

  3. Better late than never! Had a great WOD with our Canadian visitors. Thanks for joining me and come visit again. BS at 115#, “JT”- 12:59 with band assist HSPU’S and skinny blue band assist ring dips. This extra 27# belly is getting heavier each day.

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