Tuesday 1.31.12

Warming up with the 10 minute squat.

5 Rounds for Time:
15 Deadlifts (225,155)
35 Abmatt Situps

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  1. Good work out, but for the extra challenge, should of went up on the deadlift weight by 10 or 15. Also, not sure why, and did not feel it during the session, but the ab mat situps caused chafing somehow, which resulted in raw skin @ the base of the tailbone. 2nd time that has occurred, and always same area. Must be to thin skinned there, huh!
    Time today: 11:10 @ 65#

    • Casey Min says:

      I thought it was only me…will definately have to lay the sponge mat down next time. I didn’t feel sore yesterday but it kicked in this morning.

    • jen irwin says:

      Agreed Laurine…next time we go heavier! Great job and sorry about the butt chaffing. Kim is finally not alone in this category.

  2. Awesome WOD!! I love a good deadlift workout. Time: 11:58, 95#

  3. Debbie Noonan White says:

    Great workout..I also could have gone up a little on the deadlift. Time was 10:35 And now that you put the chafe issue out there Laurine..me too!! I was whining so much at work today..I had to show everyone on the boat my crack for proof..Lol!!!

    • jen irwin says:

      Indeed more weight for you girl! I was taking it too easy on you but your form is dialed in now so going up is the next step.

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