Wednesday 10.24.12

Team Tire Flips, Giulia, Dave, Kim and PJ

Congrats to all the Paleo Challenge Participants!!  You successfully completed 30 days of eating clean and we really hope that you will continue on this journey that you just begun!  It is not just a diet but a way of really LIVING life with the energy we were intended to have.  We will be doing pictures and measurements again on Wed/Thurs/Fri so please make sure you stop by the gym this week.  Next Monday we will repeat week Ones WOD’s starting with “Cindy”.  Please put your WOD scores on your index card.  Cards will be collected at the end of next week and the winners will be announced!

Some of you have mentioned that you will continue to eat Paleo which is AWESOME and others would like to try bringing a few things back into their diet.  Please do this with caution,,, introduce one item at a time to evaluate how it makes you feel.  You have a clean slate so take advantage of it and really listen to your bodies response.  Please email Jenn if you have any questions.  Again, GREAT JOB TO ALL!!

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