Tuesday 3.6.12

Chris P. and David showing some post WOD exhaustion. Way to get it done!

“Run Christine Run”
400M run
12 Body weight Deadlifts
21 Lateral Burpees (barbell hops)

Post Scores to Comments.


  1. Debbie Noonan White says:

    Great WOD..fun trying to keep up with PJ! I pushed my weight up to 95# on the deadlifts..Thanks for that Jenn! Time was 15:26

  2. jen irwin says:

    PJ, I feel the need to post your score for you today. Between your quickness and increased strength you took the lead in the 8:30am class and rocked it! Time: 12:17 at 155lbs!!!
    David took the lead in the 6:30am class with an outstanding time of 15:17 at 185lbs!! Awesome job to everyone!

  3. Thanks guys! I love the motivation we give each other to pull thru! Another great workout and for some sick reason looking forward for tomorrows class!!

  4. Laurine says:

    LOL PJ I hear ya! As hard as these WOD’s are on me, I also look forward to them.
    Time: 19:40 @ 95#

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