Tuesday 3.20.12

7 Deadlifts (275, 185)
30 Air Squats
7 Handstand puhups

Post Scores to Comments.


  1. Time: 12:20 (120#, 3 AB mats)

  2. Great job Viv, u were the only one who did the actual handstand PU too @ this class anyway, So inspiring you are!

    My time today 12:12 @ 105# – HSPU on 20″ box with 2 abmats.

  3. Debbie Noonan White says:

    Great job to all..Love spending the morning with all you awesome women! You too Jared..Thanks.. time 11:44 95#..HSPU ..toes on railing.

  4. jen irwin says:

    Great work on the HSPU’s guys… getting that full range of motion! I however attempted the HSPU on my warm up and the hold was fine but once I started to push my baby belly said no way so I substituted with shoulder press.
    Score: 11:36 120# Deadlift 65# shoulder press

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