Thursday 7.4.13

Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter

Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter

Happy Independence Day!  Today’s Holiday Schedule: 9AM class only

“…I first met Mark when we began selection and training together at Development Group in early 2004.  Mark struck me as instantly approachable and I liked him especially because he was shorter than me.  That characteristic is usually difficult to find in my co-workers.  But his diminutive stature housed a confident, yet quiet professional who epitomized everything we strive to be as SEALs.  In a profession where brashness and arrogance often typify the personalities drawn to the job, Mark never bragged, never boasted and never condescended to those around him.  He was an exceptional man; someone my wife remarked that “just made you feel better to be around.”  I will miss his infectious smile.  I will miss his calm demeanor.  And I will most especially miss the example he set for his fellow warriors… “Chris Irwin

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