Saturday 2.4.12

Viviana Sumo Deadlift High Pull intensity.

2 Muscle-Ups
4 Handstand Push-Ups

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Nate was a BUD/S (SEAL training) classmate.  I first met him in 1998 when he was only 19 years old and he immediately struck me as an incredibly confident man.  That made sense because like me, he was also a native New Englander.  He had the accent, said things like “wicked,” and possessed an infectious smile.  He was always good for a joke and made others laugh.  And of course he was an exceptional athlete.  I don’t think he was a competitive swimmer in school but he and his swim buddy finished second or third on every two mile ocean swim we ever did.  Not bad considering the first place guys were both collegiate swimmers.  After graduation from BUD/S, Nate headed off to the East Coast and I stayed in San Diego.  I didn’t see him again until years later when we ended up at the same command in Virginia Beach.  It was great to see him again and I learned that he had just been married and was expecting a baby boy.  Months later he went off on deployment and I remember seeing him just before he left and wishing him well.

Unfortunately a few months later, on Super Bowl Sunday in 2008, both Nate and another teammate (Mike Koch) were killed in action in Iraq.  What few people know is that Nate’s family had already lost one son to brain cancer.  Now Nate was gone as well.  Days later, at their funeral in Arlington, Nate and Mike were buried side by side.  During the ceremony, his wife and newborn son sat calmly and watched.  Later at the reception, I spoke with Nate’s dad while admiring a shadow box of his picture and awards.  He told me, “this was his dream, being at this team.” Meeting his father and seeing his wife and child at the funeral reminded me that It is never only the service member who sacrifices, but the family as well.  I will never forget the courage of those people.

Of course a WOD is a small token of our thanks to these men and their families but it is nonetheless befitting.  We honor their memory and that of others who have fallen by waking up everyday and being thankful for how lucky we are, by celebrating our own lives and the lives of those around us, and by giving everything we have when we train. –Chris Irwin


  1. Another great Saturday WOD in paradise! You all really put out for this one and I’m so impressed with your intensity! Keep up the awesome work!! GO PATS!!

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