Saturday 2.16.13

Lynnsy keeping the ball high.

Lynnsy keeping the ball high.

CrossFit Inc. is committed to making people’s lives better in the 250 square-mile rural area surrounding Mombasa, Kenya. Education, food, and water are three major needs for the population in this area. Through the efforts of our affiliates, we can help the people of Kenya commit to, and invest in, improving their own conditions. We provide no handouts. By creating realistic, self-sustaining solutions to specific problems, we enable Kenyans to stand strong for generations to come.


  1. Hope for Kenya: 3+52 rx. Junvi (sp?) your squats are awesome, great job today! Tks Jared & Chris- so good to see you!

    • It’s always great having you join our box for some WOD’s Michelle! You are an inspiration to many of the mom’s in our gym. At some point we’ll get our members commenting on the actual wodblog. I love how you guys do that at CFNE! Makes for such a strong community.

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