Paleo Results… Pure Dedication!

One of my best friends just complete her first 30 day Paleo challenge last month and has seen some amazing results!  The power of Paleo can change your life too! Way to go Holly! I’m so proud of you!!

“I can’t even believe I am almost at the end of my 30 Day Challenge!  What an incredible month.  I have received some of the funniest comments, so I have to share.
“You look so tan” – (this from more than 2 people – mind you I don’t even get tan in the summer)
“Have you gotten taller?” – (REALLY?????)
Today’s was a winner…..from someone I don’t know……
“Your face looks great!” – I literally laughed out loud when they said it – good thing I didn’t have food in there!
To me, it is about so much more.  I feel energized all of the time, I feel like my outlook is much more positive, my skin feels incredible (and I have to admit, the color IS better), the added benefits of further weight reduction, going down another pant size (started at a 14 last summer, now in an 8 and hoping for a 6 by next summer), the pure joy of conjuring up recipes and spending quality time in the kitchen, and holding meaningful conversations with people I don’t really know based on our common bond of Paleo.” –Holly Stuart

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