Monday 1.23.12

Casey looking strong!


3 Rounds For Time
10 Frog Complex
30 Double unders

Post Scores to Comments.



  1. jen irwin says:

    Great WOD Conor! Thank you for training the gang this morning! It was a challenging complex movement and everyone did fantastic picking it up.
    My score: 9:48, 45#, 12 Double Unders & 60 Singles

  2. Debbie Noonan White says:

    Thought for the day..just two months in now to Crossfit.
    ALWAYS get my butt kicked!
    OFTEN leave feeling very proud of what I accomplished!
    VERY OFTEN leave feeling a bit frustrated..(not due to the awesome instruction..just me) But..most importantly..
    ALWAYS come back for more! Thanks
    Today’s time 11:46 35lbs/ 90 singles

  3. Another fantastic workout!

    My score: 10:06, 35#, 10 DU/60 single jumps

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