February Fitness Challenge 2017 Recap

Way to really take the February Fitness Challenge to the next level, Cory and Marcella!!

RCFSTT February Fitness Challenge has came to an end and we have some awesome results. It was a close race across the board. Great job to all that participated in this 28 days of a life change. We are so proud of everyone!! We do hope you learned a lot about yourselves, eating healthier, and what you are putting into your bodies in general. As we have said throughout the whole challenge, we hope you make a life change from the information you learned and do not think of this as a “diet”, fast fix or fad.
​Everyone sharing recipes and helping each other out with ideas is always incredible to watch! Even members that did not do the actual challenge, still gave input, shared ideas and helped those out in that we trying hard to make this life change. It truly shows how amazing RCFSTT is as a community.

One of the things we always stress about is finding a “buddy” to help us out and hold us accountable for our actions. With that being said it is NO SURPRISE that a COUPLE WON this challenge. Congratulations goes to Cory Watkins and Marcella Sertich!! They had a PERFECT month! There were NO food cheats and NO alcohol, while still coming to the gym consistently. They also did EVERY weekly challenge for those 2 extra points. Plus, they signed up and have been crushing the CrossFit Open!! A perfect score is hard to beat! Congratulations to both of you! Keep up the hard work and enjoy not paying your membership next month!!

Everyone continue the healthy lifestyle, eating clean and getting into RCFSTT to crush WODs. Great job!!

Presidents’ Day Skills, Drills and Grill

The last Paleo BBQ had delicious dishes. Let's do it again!

The last Paleo BBQ had delicious dishes. Let’s do it again!

Monday is a President’s Day and we want to bring the community together for some fun.  During open gym (9:30-11am) on Monday, Coach Rachel and Coach Keri will be here working on some skills and would love everyone to join them. We are more than willing to help you work on any skill you want to. We will also be completing some drills and can help you come up with some drills to tackle any movement. Around 11:30am, we will be breaking out the grill and be working on our BBQing skills at the gym 🙂 We would LOVE members to bring a dish. We are a little over half way through our February Fitness Challenge and would like to keep the dishes to PALEO to not tempt the members that are doing the challenge.
Grab your family, friends and come spend some time with your CrossFit family with some skills, drills and GRILL!!
*BBQ will be open to anyone.
**We will provide plates, silverware and napkins.
Remember class times are only 7:30am, 8:30am then 5pm and 6pm.

January’s Athlete of the Month

fullsizerenderPlease join us in congratulating Jamie John as January’s Athlete of the Month. Jamie is a dedicated member who recently built the wonderful lifting blocks to improve both lifts and box jumps for members at RCFSTT. While Jamie is very quiet, you can always hear him cheer on a member as he/she completes a WOD.
Jamie’s in the box almost everyday working on his lifts. It’s great to see his accomplishments on Instagram several days/weeks. Some of them are:
280# Power Clean
225# Snatch
345# Back Squat
Congratulations Jamie!!

President’s Day 02.20.17

Lincoln-musclesOur class schedule for President’s Day, next Monday, February 20, 2017 is as follows:
9:30am until 11:00am – Open Gym

**There will NOT be a 6am, 4pm or 7pm class!!**

CrossFit Games Open 2017

img_20170108_110558_01-01-484x272The CrossFit Game Open is an exciting time around the box. Any and all members can sign up for The CrossFit Games Open at games.crossfit.com. As a gym, we will complete the Open workouts during all morning classes, as well as the 4pm class on Fridays. So, why not sign up and see where you rank world wide?! There is RX and Scaled WODs, that will fit ANY athletes fitness level. In addition to the morning classes, every Friday night from Februay 24 until March 24, RCFSTT will hold our Friday Nights Lights!! This is a time that any CrossFitter can come to the box to complete the Open WOD in a competion setting. PLUS, we open our doors to the public, encouraging anyone and everyone to come down to the box on between 5:30-8:00pm to cheer on the member’s completeing the WOD. Bring lawn chairs, coolers, drinks and snacks, as we spend 2 hours watching and cheering each other through the WOD. It truly is an amazing experience. Don’t miss out!!