Friday 4.27.12

Michelle Marshall from CFNE joined the crew while on vaca. It was great having you and hope to see you next time!


  1. Jennifer Walsh says:

    How cool! Michelle is awesome to train with. Glad she made it there! I can’t wait for my visit, hopefully in the near future. Hope things are going great. Sending hugs from CFNE

  2. What an honor, thank you, Chris and Jenn! I never thought I would have a CrossFit workout named after me!

    I loved being able to workout at your amazing new box. You guys really have it all, an amazing gym to CrossFit in, a terrific and growing community, and the most beautiful island in the world to enjoy it! You have something very special there at CrossFit St. Thomas.

    I can’t wait for my next visit! Best of luck at Regionals, Chris and Connor and of course with the BABY, Jenn & Chris! I look forward to seeing you all in your next visit to CFNE!

    Thank you again! m

    • It was great having you and motivating for all our members to see a mom of 4 as fit as you are and crushing the WOD! Thank you for everything! See you soon!

    • You are too sweet Michelle! We should probably also name a WOD after John G since he was THE FIRST CFNE visitor we had when we were working out in our house! Just seemed appropriate to name this one after you with the picture in there and your crushing performance while here.

      Was a real pleasure having you here and we hope to see you back again soon. I’m sure we will link up at some point this summer in Natick for some WODs. Looking forward to it!

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