Friday 3.16.12

Tara & Gareth from Reebok CrossFit Firepower. Milton Ontario getting after it on Vacation!

“A Taste of Filthy”
For Time:
25 Walking Lunges to platform
25 Knees to Elbow
25 Pullups
25 Box Jumps (20″)
25 Kettlebell Swings (35, 26)
25 Back Extension (Supermans)
25 Wall Balls
25 Pushpress (45)
25 Burpees
25 Double Unders

Post Scores to Comments.


  1. Casey Min says:

    15:00 today…it only takes a couple of days of not working out to kick my butt, but feel so refreshed today! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s beach WOD!

  2. I think my time was 16:17 today…didn’t take a picture like I usually do. If you still have the times on the board you can put the correct time. 🙂 Great WOD! I’ll be there for the beach WOD tomorrow.

    • jen irwin says:

      Viv, I’m sorry Chris erased it before I could take a picture. Did anyone else take a picture that they could send to me?

  3. Debbie Noonan White says: was 16:50..I was the one who looked when you called time. Hope everyone had fun at the beach today…I really wanted to team up with you today Viv..I think it would have been awesome. Beach running was the start of my knee i decided to run on the road today..and save the knee for some serious Irish jigging tonight!!! Happy St. Patrick’s day!!!

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