Friday 3.2.12

Debbie's maxing her handstand holds

3 Rep Max (3RM) Shoulder Press

5 Push Press (use your 3RM press weight)
10 Pistols (5 per leg)
200M run

Post Scores to Comments.


  1. Debbie Noonan White says:

    That was great…still having a hard time with my form on my pushpress. Thanks for the patience Conor! 6 rounds 55lbss

  2. Laurine says:

    This was a good one, also did 55# on PP, but like Deb need to continue practice on keeping form. Thanks to pistols, feeling the Quads, and I love it!
    5.5 rounds 55lbs
    PS. Arianne & Francesca were awesome with form on their PP’s today!

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