CHALLENGE Winners Announced!

Nick Z Before

Nick Z Before

NIck Z After 25 Day Challenge

NIck Z After 25 Day Challenge

CONGRATS to everyone who participated in the Jan 2014 25-Day Paleo/Zone Challenge.  We hope you gained a better understanding on how much food affects you – your energy level, mood, performance, etc.  Great job to all that took the higher challenge and figured out how to Zone your meals!  It is amazing how much America overeats and when you zone it you know it.  I hope you all take the next step and continue on your journey to healthier clean eating… It will become a way of life that you’ll never want to give up on.

Number of Participates:  35
Total Pounds lost: 93.5  (I know there was more… didn’t get everyone’s scores in)
Total Inches lost:  40.5
Total Baseline PR’s recorded: 24!!

The WINNERS are:  Adherence to the Plan/Overall Excellence (to include very detailed excellent food journaling, Zoning most meals, high point score, variety in their diets, PRing 2 or more benchmark WOD’s)

Nick Zambrano – PRIZEs $100 Gift Card to Esthetica Spa, $100 Gift Card to Fruit Bowl, a Pair of Reebok Nano’s or Oly shoe of choice, PROGENEX and Kill Cliff.
Deena Aly – PRIZEs $100 Gift Card to Esthetica Spa, $75 Gift Card to Fruit Bowl, Pair of Nano’s
Cherie Brown – PRIZEs Pair of Nano’s or Oly shoes of choice, $75 Gift Card to Fruit Bowl

Honorable Mention:
Erika Kellerhals –  lost 9 lbs and 4.5 inches and PR’d her Deadlift and row time – PRIZE RCFSTT TShirt
Kristen Churchill – lost 4 lbs and 2.25 inches and PR’d her row, Deadlift & Grace (not only beat her time but went up in weight too) — PRIZE RCFSTT TShirt
Michelle Barnes — lost 3 lbs and 3 inches, high point score, excellent food journalling and PR’d her Deadlift — PRIZE RCFSTT TShirt



  1. Nick wrote: “I was totally skeptical of the Paleo diet, 26 days later I lost 13 pounds, feel great. Total convert Big ups to Jennifer and Jared for good advice and inspiration. Now the real challenge……maintain a healthy diet without the motivation of a competition. The proof was in the pudding, (or cheeseburgerpizzasushi) because right when I broke the diet I felt ill. I think that is how I felt all the time before just never noticed. Thanks RCFSTT”

  2. Awesome job Nick!! Your daily photo log of your food was amazing. I loved how you shared that with me every few days just to make sure you were on the right zoning track. Asking questions and digging in deep is what it takes to make the changes that your body needs! So glad you have found the awareness and know your body a little bit better. That will keep you on track for sure! Fantastic work!

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