2012 Goal Setting

Happy New Year St Thomas! Enough of the Bodyweight WOD’s… It is time to get busy!

The Irwins are coming back and looking forward to kicking off the New Year this Monday with all of you.  Start thinking about setting some goals for 2012.  As I have mentioned before the beauty of CrossFit is that everything is measurable and if you are keeping good track of your WOD progress you can start seeing some amazing results.

As an example some of my top goals for the year are:
Completing “Fran” as perscribed (Rx)
To do 8 pull-ups when I’m 8 months pregnant
Increasing my Deadlift to 175 lbs (after pregnancy)
Increasing my Snatch to 65 lbs

Also see CFNE’s (CrossFit New England) for some more great examples of how to set goals that are S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time bond) from the best CrossFit Box in the Nation.  Check out last years goals as well at this link.

Changes to weekly schedule:  Please see our schedule for class time changes and additions.   See you all this week!

Post GOALS to Comments.


  1. Kirstyn Nimmo says:

    CrossFit Goals:
    -Deadlift 160 lb, currently at 135
    -Pushlift 85 lb, currently at 65
    -Do 20 consecutive, standard push-ups
    -Do 10 consecutive pull-ups

    General Fitness Goals:
    -Drink 1 Liter of water daily (minimum)
    -Stretch at least 5 min before/after each workout
    -Run a 7 minute mile
    -Complete 8Tuff Miles in 1:40:00 (last year, 1:56:48)
    -Finally feel confident in a bikini!

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